Interns and Observations

SLP, PT, OT referral career

Therapy Talk is committed to supporting the education of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology interns at the graduate level.   Internships are available in the clinic and home environments if there are therapists available.  Contact your program’s clinical coordinator to find out if your school has established a partnership with Therapy Talk.

If you are interested in learning more about pediatric therapies, or you are needing observation hours,  please review the following guidelines and complete this online form and we will get back to you if we have availability:  

                                          INTERN/OBSERVER FORM

Intern/Observer Guidelines

The policies for observers/students are as follows:

  •  We are not able to accommodate all requests as we get NUMEROUS requests each week for observations.  You MUST complete the google form and return it to us.  Please do not call us/ email if you have not completed the google online form.
  • Confidentiality is very important to all of our patients and families. Identifying information such as names and diagnoses are not to be used outside of the facility.  You must sign a confidentiality form upon your arrival to the clinic.
  • Therapy Talk will accept one volunteer per discipline (PT, ST, OT) at a time.
  • Observers may not be able to observe each therapy session, due to comfort levels of patients and families.
  • Be prepared to interact with the patient as you may be asked to assist during the therapy session. Please dress accordingly.
  • Dress Code:  Long shorts, pants, or jeans; short-sleeve shirts or longer sleeves; no visible skin at waistline—shirts must over waistbands; tennis shoes; modest jewelry;  no skirts, no loose clothing
  • If questions arise, please wait until after the session to ask the therapist. For respect of patient, please do not ask questions in front them as this can be disruptive to the session.
  • Observers/interns (especially those with 25 hours or more of observation) will be expected to assist with cleaning and/or clerical tasks. Therapist or volunteer coordinator will assign tasks.
  • Observers/interns are responsible for keeping an updated log of their own hours if needed.

           Please fill out the Confidentiality Agreement below and bring it with you on your first day. 

Forms for Observers/Interns

TTs Confidentiality Agreement (pdf)